Za’Nia Coleman is a Co-Organizer of the Tangible collective. Her primary medium is film focusing on documentary and oral history. She has been holding spaces and creating experiences that center black thought and expression in the Twin Cities for over two years. The root of her work is sustaining traditional and historical practices around love, pleasure, cultural expression and community building.

Ricki Monique is an educator, performer, photographer, and Co- Organizer of Tangible, a new and growing organization based Downtown Minneapolis. Ricki hails from St. Paul Minnesota in the Hallie Q. Brown neighborhood where she was inspired by the black arts movement and surrounded by a variance of blackness. In her 8th year, she moved to Minneapolis where she learned more about the community on the North side and gained a stronger understanding of her identity.


As a young girl, Ricki was taught to embrace herself and consider the space she holds sacred. She aspires to work with children because she wants to teach them these same lessons. It is important that she inspires the next generation through showing them their light and exposing them to the possibilities of life. She also aspires to use Tangible as a platform to bring the Black community together through holding Black space.