Quarantine Chronicles


    We asked three Community Creatives of Color about their experiences in quarantine. Each interview took place over Facetime where we chatted, caught up, laughed, and inspired one another. The interviews felt quick like playing outside as a child; there’s never enough time. Yet, each came to its own organic conclusion. 


    All four of the artists who were interviewed for this piece are extremely loved, appreciated, and fangirled by Tangible.  These are people who have supported us from the very beginning and grown alongside us. They are our superheroes. One thing we’ve learned to find about the beauty of making a dedication to holding Black space is that you build relationships with your heros; they’re right there in front of you and they look like you. You see your uncles, cousins, mamas and selves in them. We’re gassed to bring you the Quarantine Chronicles: where we interviewed some of our superheroes on what their quarantine has been like thus far.

Atlese Robinson


Atlese Robinson is a writer, performer, director, producer, and the founding artistic director of Ambiance Theatre Company. Hailing from Saint Paul, MN by way of Chicago, IL, Atlese grew up glued to the stories of her elders. As a result, Atlese’s writing style places an emphasis on the natural flow of speech as a means to preserve the integrity of oral history. As a performer, Atlese thrives most in ensemble settings where synergetic connection is the power behind compelling theatre. Her previous credits include ensemble in The Dutchman (Penumbra Theatre Company), The Garden (Ambiance Theatre Company), co-star in Contact by Simone Brookes LeClaire, and ensemble in Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot (Mixed Blood Minneapolis).


Atlese’s previous directing credits include Naked I : Self Defined (20% Theatre Company), The Spectrum of Blackness (Ambiance Theatre Company), and Waiting in Vain (Ambiance Theatre Company). Atlese prides herself on serving as an usher to director at theatre companies around the Twin Cities as no job is too small for a leader. Atlese’s ultimate mission with Ambiance Theatre Company is to support Black dramatic writers through script development, produce new works, and center the need for engaging Black audiences.